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Our People

Our people are very important to us, as is making certain we provide you with the best possible professional financial advice. Below is a short biography for each of our colleagues together with their contact telephone number. For further contact details please see our "Contact Us" page.

Brian Russell
Brian Russell, Partner
Tel. 01483 285304
Email. brianrussellco.co.uk
Brian was a founding member of the IFA business. He is also a partner in our sister business of Russell & Co Chartered Accountants.

His responsibilities are varied but primarily focused on introducing a strong foundation of compliance and to ensure that our firm maintains the highest of standards to each of our clients.
We have strong principles of developing and continuing a professional and personalised relationship with all our clients.

Brian is committed to making sure that we offer the very best of advice and service adhering to all of the principles set out by our regulators.

Our partners will continue to review and amend our management and compliance functions in order to deliver unrivalled service and standards.
Andy Russell
Andy Russell , Partner
Tel. 01483 285304
Email. andyrussellco.co.uk
Andy is a partner in our IFA business. He is also the managing partner in our sister business, Russell & Co Chartered Accountants.

Andy is responsible to ensure that the business finances are controlled accurately and responsibly allowing us to develop and deliver a business structure that is of the highest standards to our advisers and our clients.

He is also involved with our management team in making certain we have robust compliance framework
Grant Connell
Grant Connell, Partner & Adviser
Tel. 01483 285304
Mobile. 07881 780708
Email. grantrussellco.co.uk
Grant was one of the founding partners of Russell & Co Financial Advisers.

He has over ten years’ experience in financial services and has worked for Legal & General, Zurich and Edward Jones. Whilst Grant has held roles that include financial advising, mortgage advice and stockbroking, Grant now focuses predominantly on retirement planning as well as inheritance tax planning and investment advice. However he keeps abreast of developments in financial services as a whole to help ensure that he is able to assist all clients.

Grant is committed to offering the best possible advice to clients. He considers the best way to do this is by fostering long term relationships with clients so that he has a thorough knowledge of their circumstances and goals. He also understands the importance of constantly keeping his knowledge up to date so that he can continue to offer the best advice.

As a partner, Grant is also keen to ensure that the firm’s policies and practices are aligned with our clients’ interests.
Philip Holton
Philip Holton, Adviser
Tel. 020 8330 2589
Mobile. 07803 165633
Email. philholtonrussellco.co.uk
Phil has 40 years’ experience in the financial services sector and has spent the past 25 years as a Financial Adviser. He is happy and experienced to provide advice across a wide range of financial matters.

Phil started his financial services career in banking and carried out various roles including branch management within a large retail bank and specialist advice areas in overseas and corporate banking, including private banking and commercial/business lending.

Phil’s expertise and knowledge span a wide area and include mortgages, investments, retirement/pension planning, life and illness assurance and business finance. He is equally comfortable whether advising private individuals and/or businesses.

Phil offers a very professional and efficient advice process whilst keeping matters as simple as possible so that all discussions are fully understood by his clients. He hopes to provide a friendly and helpful service.

Outside of work, Phil is married with three gown-up children and family life is his main priority. He has spent all of his life either following or playing numerous different sports and he continues to enjoy an occasional round of golf.

Tim Morris
Tim Morris, Adviser
Tel. 01483 285304
Mobile. 07530 726093
Email. timrussellco.co.uk
Tim has over a decade of experience helping individuals and business owners achieve their financial goals, He offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Tim is a member of the Chartered Institute of Insurance and believe in continuously developing.

He is passionate about making sure clients can achieve financial independence and maintain their lifestyle in retirement. He takes pride in helping clients create an individually tailored financial plan to maintain the lifestyle they desire and achieve the goals they strive for.

The services that Tim provides include: Retirement Planning, Savings & Investments, Trust & Estate Planning, Group Pensions & Business Succession Planning.

Tim works with his clients to build long term relationships and to make sure they not have to pay more tax on their assets than necessary.

Key to this is delivering straightforward and transparent advice in a simple and convenient way. As a result, you will be better informed, confident and empowered to reach your financial goals.
Brian Ellery
Brian Ellery, Adviser
Tel. 01483 285304
Mobile. 07885 914121
Email. brianelleryrussellco.co.uk
Brian has been in the Financial Services industry for 25 years, beginning as a Home Services agent, progressing through to IFA and for the last 15 years has specialised in mortgages.
Brian has an in depth knowledge of everything mortgages and provides a friendly and efficient service to his clients
Brian believes in keeping things as simple as possible so that everything is understood each step of the way during the mortgage process.
The world of mortgages is constantly changing and Brian ensures he keeps abreast of developments to ensure he can assist his clients.
Financial Planning Certificates 1,2 & 3 & The Mortgage Advice Qualification.
Outside of work Brian is married with 3 grown up Sons that tend to keep him busy..
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